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Hello everyone, I'm Bea, and I absolutely adore bringing imagination to life through arts and crafts. I find great joy in volunteering for scout troops and local gatherings, helping young minds discover the magic of turning simple materials into their own masterpieces. While I've been told I have a knack for crafting, I believe that the real magic lies in the shared moments of creativity, the laughs when something doesn't go quite as planned, and the pride that comes with completing a project. For me, crafts are less about perfection and more about the joy of creating and sharing. When I'm not busy with a project or event, you'll often find me exploring new craft ideas or hunting for unique materials to transform. From paper and paint to fabric and beads, there's no craft supply that doesn't spark my imagination! Whether you're an experienced craft enthusiast or just starting out, I welcome you to join me on this journey of creativity and fun. Here at Be Crafty, let's inspire each other and create beautiful things together!

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Stoneware, an essential material for many potters and ceramic artists, is a type of clay that has been fired at a high temperature to produce a durable, vitrified, or glass-like, ceramic. It is known for its robustness and versatility, making…

Crafting Candles with Care: A Guide to Palm Wax

If you’re a candle-making enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the various types of wax that can be used to create your masterpieces. Among the most popular are paraffin, soy, beeswax, and palm wax. Each type has its own unique characteristics…