Elevate Your Card Making Game: Specialty Tools You Shouldn’t Ignore

Crafting is a fantastic way to express your creativity, relax and even create personalized gifts or decor. One crafting area that’s gained popularity over the years is card making. Whether they are for holidays, birthdays, or just because, handmade cards add a personal touch that can’t be replicated by store-bought versions. To make these unique cards, you’ll need some specialty tools like hole punches and corner rounders.

A hole punch is a versatile tool that every card maker should have in their toolkit. It’s not just for making holes for brads or ribbons. With the variety of shapes and designs available, you can use hole punches to add decorative elements to your cards. For instance, you can create a border with a scallop or heart-shaped punch, or use a circle punch to make polka dots.

Hole punches come in different sizes – from tiny ones that make 1/16 inch holes to larger ones that can cut out 2-inch shapes. They also come in an array of designs including basic shapes like circles and squares, as well as more intricate designs like flowers, butterflies, and even holiday-themed shapes like Christmas trees and pumpkins.

To use a hole punch, all you need to do is insert your cardstock into the slot and press down on the lever. Some punches have a built-in confetti catcher to collect the cut-out pieces which can be used for other projects.

A corner rounder is another essential tool for card makers. As its name implies, it’s used to round the corners of your cards or other elements on your cards. This gives your projects a professional finish as sharp corners are often associated with quickly made or less thoughtful crafts.

Corner rounders usually have two parts – the base where you insert the paper, and the top part which you press down to cut the paper. They typically come with guides so you can align your paper correctly before cutting.

Aside from these two, there are also other specialty tools that can elevate your card making game:

  • Embossing tools: These are used to create raised designs on your cards. You can find embossing pens for freehand designs, embossing folders for detailed patterns, and embossing powders for adding color and shine.
  • Die cut machines: These are used to cut out intricate designs that would be too difficult or time-consuming to cut by hand.
  • Scoreboards: These are used to make neat folds on your cards. They usually come with scoring tools which you run along the board’s grooves to create creases.
  • Stamps and ink pads: These allow you to add images or sentiments on your cards without having to draw them yourself.

In conclusion, while scissors and adhesive are must-haves in any card making kit, don’t forget about specialty tools like hole punches and corner rounders. They might not be as commonly used but they can significantly improve the look and feel of your cards.

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